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About Us


                             The Fur Care Group has over 50 years of expertise                                          caring for furs & outerwear

  • High security, state-of-the-art cold storage vaults.  
  • All work performed on premises by experts
  • Free Pick Up  Throughout Fairfield County
  • Complimentary Inspection


Services Offered

-Refrigerated Storage 

-Fur Cleaning, Conditioning, Glazing & Sanitizing

-Shearling Cleaning

-Fur Trimmed Outerwear/Ski Jacket Cleaning






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Why Store Your Furs & Fine Outerwear?

•Proper temperature should be under 55 degrees & humidity 55% or less 

•When you store furs in a closet without proper refrigeration, humidity controls, ventilation and UV protection you risk the premature deterioration and drying of your fur 

•Frigid temperature and controlled humidity slow-down the evaporation of essential oils in your furs. Once oils are depleted, the leather dries, then tears are more frequent and often times not repairable 

•Frigid temperature prevent insects from nesting and damaging your furs and fine outerwear